Sixth Grade

Curriculum Hightlights


  • Students examine the literary forms of the Old Testament and its major people and events. 
  • They learn about the doctrine of the major creedal statements. 
  • They participate in liturgical celebrations. 
  • They also learn about responsible stewardship and the diginity of the human person and community.

Social Studies

  • Students learn about the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. 
  • They study the history, geography, government, people, culture, social values, and religion of each area.

Language Arts

  • Students increase their vocabulary and spelling skills; they read and respond to a wide variety of grade appropriate materials. 
  • Students are given opportunities to speak orally  and continue to develop their writing skills.


  • Students examine plate tectonics and the  earth's structure. 
  • They study volcanoes, earthquakes and the ocean, heat, and energy.
  • They also study health-related topics.


  • Students understand and use numbers up to 100 and demonstrate addition and subtraction skills.
  •  They learn to use measurement, geometry, graphs and reasoning to make decisions to solve problems. 

Additional Program Highlights


  • Science Camp
  • Youth Expo
  • Greek Olympics
  • Gingerbread houses


Students in grades K-6 receive music instruction once a week.  Students learn to apply vocal and instrumental musical skills in performance. Performance ensembles include the handbell choir, recorder consort and the school choir for grades 2 and up.


Students receive weekly computer instruction in the school lab.  Classes focus on computer literacy and safety, keyboarding skills, word processing and desktop publishing.  


Students in grades K-6 receive weekly instruction in art.


After-school classes provide theatrical training for 5th through 8th grade students. Fall and Spring Productions offer students the opportunity to perform for live audiences.


The Spanish language is taught through group interaction and fun activities.  The lessons include pronunciation, intonation, and basic grammatical structures.  The goal is an appreciation of the Spanish language, culture, and basic conversational skills

Physical Education & Sports Offerings

Students participate in physical education class twice per week.  Physical fitness and team work are focal points of the instruction. Competitive team sports and cheerleading are available to students in grades 5-8.  Sports include:  football, basketball and volleyball for boys and volleyball, basketball and softball for girls.

Sixth Grade Teachers Contact Info

Sixth Grade TeachersNamePhoneEmail
6AMr.Barajas714-557-5060 ext.
6BMr. Green714-557-5060 ext.