Family Participation Requirements

Auxiliary FPH Requirements

Every parent of a St. John the Baptist student is a member of the SJB School Auxiliary.  This community of families work together to provide the administration, faculty and staff of SJB the support that is necessary to provide the best school for our children.  The Auxiliary’s efforts supply the much needed financial and manpower assistance that helps keep school tuition low. Every SJB family is required to contribute a small amount of time each year (Family Participation Hours–FPH) to help our school keep to its budget and achieve its goals.  

When you commit to sending your child to SJB, you commit to teaming with almost 400 other families to provide the best school and educational opportunities for our children. The Auxiliary helps with fundraisers, parking lot safety, lunch supervision, cleaning, construction, sewing, copying, envelope stuffing and much more. Every hour, dollar and donation that you give goes directly to our children through the school and its programs.

2014-2015 Requirements

For the 2014-2015 school year, every family is required to: 

  • complete a minimum of 25 Family Participation Hours (FPH) between May 16, 2014 and May 15, 2015.
  • complete 2 days of Lunch Duty sometime during the school year (this is in addition to the 25 FPH).  Lunch Duty will be assigned by the office and the schedule will be available on August Business Days.

FPH is earned for volunteer activities that are posted on the volunteer page of the school website. Non-posted FPH must be approved ahead of time by the Event Chair or Family Participation Committee. FPH is also given for donated items but only if they are requested through the website. The amount of FPH awarded for donated items will be listed with the item requested, but will generally be 1 FPH for every $15 spent. A family may earn up to a maximum of 10 FPH for time volunteered to parish events.  Only parish volunteer opportunities that are posted on the school’s volunteer website will earn FPH.

No FPH hours will be given for assisting teachers or for chaperoning students during field trips unless the hours have been posted on-line or the teacher requests and documents assistance.  Documentation must come from the teacher, not the parent.  Classroom hours will only be given at the teacher's discretion.  

While there are many opportunities available to complete these hours, if a family knows in advance they will not be able to commit to the minimum FPH there is the option to "buy-out" the hours.  It is a one-time fee of $375.00 ($15/volunteer hour - no partial buy-outs) that must be paid before September 16, 2012. 

FPH not completed by May 15, 2015 will be billed at $20.00 per hour and if not paid will delay the release of your student’s report card, will make gradelink unavailable and will affect your student’s ability to register for the next school year. 

Our online volunteer sign-up system has been a great success in providing families many opportunities to fulfill their FPH commitment. It is important to use this system properly. Volunteers must sign-in at the time of their assignment to verify hours worked. FPH may not be credited if there is no verification that it was completed. If you are unable to fulfill the volunteer commitment you made, it is extremely important that you change your status on the website immediately. If it is too late, you are required to find a replacement for the volunteer assignment. You must give immediate notice to the committee chair if a replacement is not found so that arrangements can be made for the event.

Lunch Duty Requirement–In order for the faculty and staff to take lunch breaks, the Auxiliary provides lunchtime supervision of students from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Lunch Duty will be scheduled by the school. The schedule will be available on August Business Days. If a family can’t fulfill an assigned date, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. There is no buy-out for this requirement and families will be charged $50 per missed shift.  Any Lunch Duty done in excess of the 5 mandatory shifts will be credited toward that family’s FPH. 

FPH and Lunch Duty may only be completed by a family member who is:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • has been fingerprinted by the Diocese of Orange
  • and completed Safe Environment Training through

Note: Volunteers will be turned away and no credit will be given if these requirements are not fulfilled before the event. Families are responsible for ensuring their hours are credited correctly.

Volunteer On-line

To ensure you will be credited for FPH, you must use the volunteer website to sign-up for approved hours.  Volunteering for assignments not on the website may not qualify for FPH.  You must also sign-in on the volunteer check-in sheet (with a legible family name).

Extra-Curricular Activities

In some instances, FPH may also be achieved through extra-curricular activities.  These activities include, but are not limited to, Drama, Choir, Cheer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball.  Parents who have a child participating in an extra-curricular activity are asked to help as needed. Their participation level is determined by the coach or leader of that activity.  Some extra-curricular activities will have FPH opportunities and those will be posted on-line or approved and documented by the coach or leader if deemed FPH eligible.    

Volunteer time not posted on the website (such as carpooling to games, providing snacks, attending meetings, etc.) are the parent's responsibility for having a child participate in the extra-curricular activity and will not be awarded FPH. 

Eighth Grade Graduation Activities 

Eighth grade graduation activities are planned and organized by 8th grade parents for their graduating students.  Most of these activities will not count for FPH. If FPH opportunities are available for these events, they will be posted on-line and hours will only be credited to families with students returning to SJB the following year.       


Now that Lunch Duty is mandatory, please remember that anyone volunteering on campus (parents, grandparents, etc.) must be fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orange and complete the “Shield the Vulnerable” Education program online ( Anyone showing up for Lunch Duty who has not been fingerprinted will be sent home and that family will be charged $50 for the missed assignment. You will receive 5 FPH for completing the fingerprinting process, with a maximum of 10 FPH awarded per family per year.